Podcast: Nalini Ambady on Cultural Neuroscience

18 06 2013

In yesterday’s post I introduced a website run by her daughters and students, dedicated to helping professor Nalini Ambady find a bone marrow donor as soon as possible. Today I want to share with you an older podcast where professor Ambady talks about the emerging field of cultural neuroscience, a field she has helped found. In this 2010 interview she defines concepts, talks about how cultural norms and identities are shaped by the mind and brain and vice versa.  She also illustrates research findings and examples from her own lab. You can play or download the podcast over at neuroscene.

via Anne Egros at Zestnzen


Nalini Needs You

17 06 2013

Stanford professor Nalini Ambady, founder figure of the cultural neuroscience field, needs a bone marrow match as soon as possible. Considering that South Asians are severely underrepresented in the bone marrow donor pool, we ask you to help change this.  For more info about her story and how you can help, link here or here.