Why “cultural neuroscience”?

Cultural neuroscience is a rather young area of research and refers to the investigation of the bidirectional interaction between culture and the brain.

Why the cultural neuroscience blog?

The blog was born in an attempt to create a platform to compile, discuss and share information on cultural neuroscience and to connect people who are interested in this research field. We are hoping to create a friendly atmosphere for an interdisciplinary exchange with the aim of processing the newest findings, as well as expressing opinions and ideas on paradigms and future research questions.

There are several types of posts on the cultural neuroscience blog:

  • article posts: presentation of research findings, summary of papers related to cultural research
  • opinion posts: short (critical) pieces of writing on a certain topic of cultural neuroscience that integrate several research findings
  • method posts: introduction and discussion of different methods (from neuroscience, psychology, anthropology etc.) and their integration in the field of cultural neuroscience
  • suggested reading posts: reviews and suggestions for books, special jornal issues, review papers and blog posts related to cultural reserach
  • interview posts: interviews with key figures in the field of cultural neuroscience
  • event posts: information on conferences, workshops, summer schools etc. on cultural (neuro)science

If you would like to contribute to the cultural neuroscience blog, link here. If you would like to send us a message, link here.


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